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In loving memory of Aggie TDIA
1996 - 2009

Aggie came to us when she was 13 months old. We got her as a companion to our other standard poodle, Phoebe from a man who had gotten her from the SPCA and could no longer keep her. From the start she was a delight. She was happiest when she was getting belly rubs and would do almost anything for one, including baring her teeth on command.

She was not without her problems, as is typical with a rescue. She peed for months every time we got home from work; she was so excited to see us. She threw up every time we took her somewhere in the car, many times as we were pulling into the driveway on the way home, but she never wanted to be left behind. It took us two years to get her to lie down in a public place. And, you almost couldn't say the word thunderstorm near her; once I had to chase her out of my shower she was so upset over a storm.

But through all of the adversity she never stopped trying or put up a fuss. She was reliable, quiet, willing, always. She was able to get her TDI therapy dog certification and was a wonderful therapy dog. She could pick the person out of a crowd who needed her most.

Some of my most compelling memories of her were with some really sick people. One woman she sat with told me, with tears in her eyes, that she had seen the dogs in hallway and was thinking how wonderful it would be if one came and sat with her. She was the only person Aggie sat with that day. Neither of our other dogs sat with this woman.

She put up with almost anyone and anything, including a young man with cerebral palsy who grabbed her ears so hard it took two people to get her away from him and my nephew who tested the wetness of her nose by sticking his finger in it.

One of her great loves was agility training. She could jump anything you put in front of her. She enjoyed being on top of the dog walk; it was her favorite piece of equipment. One night she and Phoebe practiced their agility training on the roof of my car.

She passed away in February of 2009. She lived with us for 12 years and all I can say is that it just wasn't long enough.

Barb & Ed Hawkey