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Bart, September 13, 2003 - April 11, 2015

What can you say about the perfect dog, except that he was, perfect. From the time he was a puppy, Bart was everything we could ask for. He was quiet, calm, friendly to everyone, human or canine, and adaptable. Everyone told me when we trained him that we didn’t get a real puppy — training was that easy. I never saw him flustered or nervous, except maybe at the vet’s office. The first night we had him, he went straight up to bed with our other two and laid down in the bedroom; we never needed a crate.

He was a wonderful therapy dog and worked as one from the time he was 13 months old until he died. He loved going to the hospital and having everyone make a fuss over him. He was unobtrusive and yet still a presence. He knew who needed him most and there was more than one person where he just laid his head in their lap.

He loved to go anywhere in the car and never wanted to miss a thing. In fact, when I was working he would stand by my car every morning hoping I would take him with me. It broke my heart to leave him home. He went herding once and spent the entire day whining every time another dog went in the ring. He loved Barn Hunt, which I much preferred to his usual hunting in our yard.

It’s not to say that he never got in trouble or had a silly side. One of his favorite things was to drag dog beds all over the house and ‘kill’ them. The upstairs beds came downstairs and the downstairs beds went upstairs. They went where ever. When he was younger, he would steal flowers and pillows just to take them for a walk through the house.

He was a best friend to both Zooey and Enzo, our other dogs. He was Zooey’s 'go to' buddy. He nursed Enzo through multiple seizures; to the point where Enzo had to have him close by. I think he helped Enzo far more than any human could.

He was the perfect dog and we miss him. We love you always, Bart.