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Dominion Enzo Ferrari, July 13, 2009 - October 21, 2014

It's difficult when describing Enzo to do justice to how he lived his life. He was a happy boy. Every day started with a leap and a bound and only stopped for the occasional power nap. Enthusiasm was the name of the game, whether it was obedience, agility, vacations or being a therapy dog. He was every human being's best friend; he never met a person he didn't like.

That enthusiasm could get him into trouble, like when he failed his therapy dog interview at Grandview Hospital not once, but twice. We didn't really want to scare the patients with love. He wanted to be in the middle of everything, all the time, and mostly ended up being the center of attention, which worked for him. Like the time he jumped off the dock in the Adirondacks because all of the kids were jumping in; the only difference, the kids could swim. Or the time we took him to a show-and-go. He didn't pass but he found another life-long friend in the judge. Where ever he went and whatever he did, he did it with heart and a sense of humor. He loved everything; for him a bad day was an oxymoron.

He wasn't perfect, but then no one is. I think Zooey (his housemate) is relieved not to be having her head stuffed into his mouth on a regular basis and Bart (his other housemate) is happy he can walk out the door without being run over by 85 pounds, of "I might miss something". But even for both of them, he was a friend and companion, in the truest sense of those words.

A life cut short, way too soon. We'll miss you always, Enzo.