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Kassi Tribute

My German Shepherd, Kassi, was one of the dogs to go to Pier 94 for the World Trade Center families.

We drove into New York with another team. The other dog was Cinder, a little Sheltie. When we arrived it was an overwhelming experience seeing all the pictures of those lost and missing. There were so many of them.

The guards we passed were happy to see the dogs and pet them as they checked our ID. When we went in, we walked all around the building and let anyone who wanted to pet and hug our dogs. We went into the area that was set aside for the children. There was a little boy in the corner. Someone said he had not spoken in several days and was afraid of dogs. Little Cinder went right up to him and he started to pet her. Kassi then went in and started to wash his face. He laughed and spoke softly to our dogs. What he said, I do not know, as we could not hear him. We stayed until he no longer wanted to pet the dogs.

We then walked around to several other areas. So many people wanted to pet and hug our guys and the dogs were so patient. You could feel the air was heavy with so much pain. No one spoke of 911; they just wanted a small relief from the horror and pain. Kassi being a Shepherd had all the police and firemen around her (she loved it). It was like they were kindred sprits. One man said that since the dogs had started coming to the Pier, he had decided to get a dog and hoped that dog would become a therapy dog.

We left after 3 hours and the dogs were so tired they slept all the way home. It was the best and worst experience. I was glad that I had a dog that could give some little relief to those who hurt so much.