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5/14/2002 - 5/22/2014

Ramses was born in Rhome, Texas and lived out his life in Pennsylvania.

Ramses was a(n)

  • AKC Conformation Champion (2005)
  • AKC Junior Courser ( 2005)
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen (2008)
  • Therapy dog for Bright and Beautiful
  • Participant in Agility at Oakes K-9 Training for approximately 8 years. His favorite equipment was the tunnel and the jumps. He loved his Auntie Sue, Annette, Tracy, and Uncle Frank. He looked forward to visiting with both the people and the canines (especially CJ and Bart) at Agility class on Wednesday evenings.

Ramses was a loving companion and a diligent protector of his family and home. He was a hunter at heart. He chased insects, squirrels, rabbits, cats, barn swallows, bubbles, and the beam of light from a flash light. He loved wading into shallow streams in search of floating goose/duck feathers and darting dragonflies. He savored his daily walks in all kinds of weather and during warm days he would roll in the grass and bask in the sunlight. In his lifetime his strong, long legs carried him many miles. He was always in the moment and ready for an adventure. In his youth, he was a trickster who instigated play. He sustained a youthful, playful spirit throughout his life. Ramses was an obedient dog who had thoughts and desires of his own. His thrived on being given choices and making decisions for himself. He understood the English language and fluidly communicated his desires and needs to his family through various gestures, expressions and sounds. He had a soft spot for children and taught his family members Margot (age 5) and Wes (age 2 1/2) how to love, respect and care for another being. His favorite treat was his daily bully stick. Ramses was regal, handsome, reserved, sweet, gentle, good natured, well-mannered, curious, cautious, observant, and independently minded. He was an intelligent boy who thrived on routine. He was a social butterfly who was interested in people and making connections. His slender frame and fluid gait drew much attention on walks through town. He had many human admirers and canine friends. Ramses was a gentle, sensitive soul and his sweet face and amber eyes radiated love. He always wanted to be included in family activities no matter how mundane so his family made sure that he was. Ramses knew that he was a special boy. He is loved and missed.

The Nuss Family